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MUP is Stepping Forward to a Glamorous Future

Facts & figures

Today we have a portfolio of more than 188 molecules with yearly millions units of its pharmaceutical forms as tablets, capsules, creams, ointments, ampoules, vials, syrup, powder sachets, drops and sprays of sterile and non-sterile products. All produced in 4 manufacturing facilities. MUP ranks among the first 10 leading pharmaceutical companies in Egypt. We are active in more than 30 countries in three continents, and approximately 2000 employees are dedicated for MUP mission.

Areas of focus

Turning insight into treatment, our specialty medicines are focused on delivering continuous higher quality of production and cost competitiveness that build up value for our customers.



A corporate culture of caring

MUP employees aware that their efforts go beyond achieving business results, as MUP strive to create a work environment that enriches both their professional and personal capabilities through:

  • A wide range of social benefits.
  • Continuous development and training programs.
  • Opportunities to contribute to local communities.

MUP has constant strategy of addressing the market challenges that facing the delivery of sustainable financial performance

MUP as the first national pharmaceutical company in Egypt that acquires a multinational subsidiary and has successfully accomplished the acquisition of human insulin factory of Eli Lilly.

MUP adopts the Total Quality Management (TOM) concept and methodology in all departments and up-to-date Quality Assurance (QA) techniques, not only in all production processes, but also in all administrative and supporting departments.

MUP acquired the latest ISO 9001:2008 Certificate from the British Standards Institute (BSI).

MUP also certified for safety & Environmental systems (ISO, 14001:2004 & OHSAS 18001:2007)

MUP labs are certified by ISO/IEC 17025:2005 from (EGAC).

MUP now is one of the regional leader in the branded generic manufacture in the MENA region, producing about 155 products in addition to the under license & expand its business to more than 30 countries.

MUP as manufacturer company is ranked among top 10 manufacturer by value and units in the Egyptian pharmaceutical market  (1,651 manufacturer) . (Ref. ims data)

MUP lives up to its responsibility towards society through introducing an economic, intellectual and social asset to each country and community in which it pursues business.

MUP ensures profitable growth and committed to build shareholders` value by delivering pharmaceutical and healthcare products, services and solutions in an innovative and cost effective way.

MUP is a trans-national, integrated specialty, pharmaceutical company focused on developing, manufacturing and distributing generic and brand generic products.

MUP provides many products that cover several therapeutic areas as: Gastroenterology, Dermatology, Gynecology, Andrology, Cardiovascular, Dentistry, Anti-Infective, Vitamins and Tonics, Anti-Histaminic, Analgesics and Anti-Rheumatics, Endocrinology, Hepatology, Respiratory, Neurology.

Our Vision

MUP plans to be one of the top five leading international pharmaceutical manufacturers in Egypt, Africa, East Europe and the MENA region.

Our Mission


MUP Ensures healthcare asset focusing on the main diseases in the community providing high quality pharmaceutical products with affordable prices.


MUP committed to provide an inspiring and inclusive work environment for its employees to let them share the future success.


MUP committed to invest for growth and works to make the most of  the profit that accomplish challenging objectives.


MUP ensures profitable growth and builds shareholders’ value by delivering solutions in innovative and cost effective ways.


MUP lives up to its responsibilty toward global health care community, by being an economic,intellectual and social assets to each country and community in which it operates business.

Our Values

MUP is demonstrating  the highest standards of moral, openness and transparency in all of its missions through its code of ethics which is translated and conveyed to its employees, society and shareholders in a sense of solidarity and respect.



Being a result of intelligent effort, MUP is committed to illustrate (TQM) concept and methodology in all manufacturing processes and procedures.


At the top of the health care community, MUP is being there by building up solid standard of reliability all over the years through averring the results of products` quality as expected.


MUP acts with honesty and integrity without compromising accuracy.


MUP builds strong teams through fairness, transparency and promoting shared goals facilitating knowledge and creativity.


MUP is committed to roll great products and other initiatives that impact people's lives both within and outside the organization.


Our Goals

MUP should dynamically moves beyond the past successes and perform like never before to reach this position and to secure the future growth as well as enabling success of the global initiatives.

Guided by the strategic imperatives, MUP constantly strive to implement the critical initiatives required to achieve its vision and deliver operational excellence in every corner of the Company to meet and exceed its pledge to the communities where it serve..

By 2016 MUP occupies an international position in Africa, East Europe and the MENA- region.

By 2017 MUP has acquired the position it deserves in Egypt as one of the top 10 leading pharmaceutical corporations.

By 2018 MUP aiming to upgrading the company's Quality and Environmental Management System for fulfilling the requirements of  ISO standards to the new version ISO 9001:2015 ; ISO 14001;2015, preparing MUP Tech site to be certified of ISO9001:2015 ; ISO 2025:14001 ; OHSAS 2007: 18001. preparing MUP to acquire EMEA GMP Certificate.

By 2019 MUP aiming to acquire EMEA GMP Certificate.

By 2020 MUP aiming to acquire the position it deserves in Egypt as one of the top 5 leading pharmaceutical corporations.

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