People Development

Our business strategy is based on innovation and our main source of innovation is our employees. We motivate, develop and retain our talented employees to help them perform at high levels to our continuous success, as we aim to have employee of choice.

 Development of our employees

Through training them to achieve their potential careers and contribute to the continued success of the company. Learning and development opportunities are an important part of our strategy to retain our best employees. MUP works on developing continuously its employees through "on job training", courses and certified programs as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Six Sigma and LEAN Certification. MUP sends the employees to conferences that could be worldwide for updating their knowledge and learning new techniques.

Employees receive regular feedback on their performance and meet with managers to discuss training and development needs at annual performance appraisals. They work together with their managers to set out a personal development plan for the coming year.  

Our managers are accountable for staff performance and development, which has resulted in tight management. These benefits both employees and MUP, as it allows us identify high performers while giving appropriate feedback to support all employees.

Employees are promoted to higher management positions on the basis of their leadership qualities and performance.

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Part of our responsibility as a pharmaceutical company is to ensure the safety of the patients who use our products. MUP provides the patient with high quality products with affordable prices.  At MUP, we are committed to drug safety as long as the medicine is prescribed to patients.

Through our robust commitment to pharmacovigilance, we ensure focusing on patients' safety. Our Medical Affairs department manages a pharmacovigilance system for the collection, and evaluation of adverse drug reactions and the implementation of effective, corrective and preventive actions.

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